Women Will Get It Done

“If you’re a woman who’s uttered a few words in public, chances are good that you’ve been interrupted. If you’ve been audible in an office, it’s almost inevitable. Men interrupt you in closed-door meetings and in the middle of presentations and over lunch. Call it out, risk that hated rejoinder-God, don’t be so emotional about it. None of us are immune. Not senators like Kamala Harris or Supreme Court justices. Not Michelle Obama. Not Arianna Huffington or Oprah. And not women on live television, who endure sexism, condescension, and countless, endless interruptions, all while millions of people watch.” [Gender Avenger Blog, 3/17/18] Continue reading “Women Will Get It Done”

Restaurant: Rare Steak and Seafood (Not a Review)

A regular reader of the Washington Watch joined me at Rare Steak and Seafood on I Street in D.C. but has not yet seen a review even though it is several Watch editions later. Because he has bugged me about this several times I remind him and all others who may be interested in the WW restaurant review policy. Continue reading “Restaurant: Rare Steak and Seafood (Not a Review)”

State of the Nation

*Any statements in this issue of the Watch which are not sourced are mine and identified by “WW”. And for the first time WW will start using the Real Clear Politics average now and then.

35.3% of Americans say the country is headed in the right direction while 56.3 say it is on the wrong track. [Real Clear Politics, 1/28-3/1]

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“The worst kind of person is the one who wakes up on 3rd base thinking they hit a triple.”
[Provided by Erin Hohlfelder]

“My generation gets a lot of flak for being lazy and being addicted to our phones. Well, social media is powerful.” – Veronica Carbonell, age 17, is a senior at Cypress Bay High school in Weston, FL, not far from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school.
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About President Trump

The President seems to think he knows everything and therefore does not listen to those who truly do know. He clearly has no idea of the consequences. [WW]

Other than on his old television program is Trump able to fire anyone directly? Or does he find a way to make their role untenable for one reason or another so that they quit? [WW]
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State partisanship is shifting toward the Democrats as the 2018 election is on the horizon. The following is based on adults being asked for their party identification and if they say they are independent they are probed for the party leanings. (Solid states are those in which a party has a 10 point or greater advantage; leaning states are those in which a party has an advantage of 5-10 points; competitive states are those in which the advantage of either party is 5 points or less.)
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