Women Will Get It Done

Harvard’s Claudia Goldin became the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in Economics, solo. Her research illuminated the structural differences that create pay and employment gaps between men and women.

The U.S. Mint recently announced the five women whose quarters will circulate in 2025 as part of the American Women Quarters Program: Ida B. Wells, Juliette Gordon Low, Dr. Vera Rubin, Stacey Park Millbern, and Althea Gibson.

Democrat Cherelle Parker is the first female mayor of Philadelphia. Parker cruised past her Republican opponent and then had to battle through a crowded Democratic primary in May. The last time the city had a Republican mayor was 1952.

In the capital city, St Paul, Minnesota, all seven members of the City Council are now women under the age of 40.

Tammy Murphy, First Lady of the State of New Jersey (her husband is the current governor), has announced that she (along with 3 others so far) is running to replace the current Senator, Bob Menendez who is up for re-election in 2024. Menendez has been accused of accepting bribes. [NYT 11/15/23]

A trained journalist, Lady Bird Johnson (1912-2007) the wife of President Lyndon Johnson, was the first First Lady to hire her own press secretary.