Odds and Ends

The moon’s surface formed at least 40 million years earlier than previously thought, according to a new study of an ancient crystal embedded in rock collected by Apollo 17 astronauts.

Scientists have mostly agreed on the moon’s origin story: About 4.5 billion years ago, a giant Mars-sized object slammed into the nascent Earth, ejecting hot debris that coalesced into our moon.

The new atom-atom analysis of a 4.46-billion-year-old lunar crystal pushes back the timeline by 40 million years.

This is the oldest age to date. It doesn’t mean we know the age of the moon and should stop looking. [WP 10/23/23]

The names of dozens of North American birds will be changed. The nation’s top birding organization decided that birds should no longer have human names. It will prioritize changing names from white supremacists and enslavers.

The American Ornithological Society will set up a group next year to explore up to 80 new names. The names will better describe the birds’ characteristics. [AP News 11/1/23]

Since 1980, when Senator Charles Grassley, was elected to the U.S. Senate, at least 20 couples who began dating in his office were married. Only one couple has divorced. [WP 10/19/23]

The following were created by Gerry Kauvar

Multi-purpose Trial Prep.
You’re not corrupt; You’re just careless.
You’ve always been too trusting.
You were too engaged with long term strategy.
You’ve been experiencing moments of forgetfulness and are under medical care.
You have always believed in delegating authority and responsibility.
Members of your immediate family have been ill, and you thought it important to spend a lot of time with them.
You’re a big picture guy who doesn’t believe in micromanaging.
Wall Street company analysts are always nit-picking and second -guessing. You know what they say, if you laid them all end to end, they still wouldn’t reach a conclusion.
I did not molest that person. It was consensual. I don’t know anyone by that name.
Yeah, I didn’t do so well in math in school; I mostly took gut courses.
In hindsight maybe I should have paid more attention and asked more questions, that’s not evidence of corruption or stupidity.
I always asked the Lord for guidance and support when making business decisions. I’m not shifting the blame —just telling I always tried to do His work.
The dog ate the financial statements.

Whatever is between Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ears
George Santos’ seat in Congress
90% of the Washington Post Style section
Prevagen claims of effectiveness
Pre- and post-game interviews with athletes and coaches
Testimony given by any member of the Trump family
Any effort spent hoping or working for DC Statehood
Any “two State solution” to the war in Israel (alas)
The office of the Speaker of the House
Fact checking political speeches.

In states with comparable enrollment, the number of home-schooled students increased 51% over the past six school years, far outpacing the 7% growth in private school enrollment. Public school enrollment dropped 4% in those states over the same period, a decline partly attributable to home schooling. [WP 11/3/23]

Las Vegas, known as the “wedding capital of the world” since 1953, is home to about 100 chapels. Clark County, NV, in which Las Vegas is located, issued its five millionth marriage license in 2022. [NYT 11/12/23]

In 1898, South Dakota was the first state in the nation to give its citizens the right to bypass the elected class and directly legislate at the ballot box by popular vote using citizen-led initiated ballot measures. [Takitback 11/18/23]