Odds and Ends

The public is more pessimistic than optimistic about various aspects of American life.

Here is how they feel about a few items.

Pessimistic Optimistic Neither
The moral and ethical standards in our country 63% 16% 16%
Our country’s ability to ensure racial equality for all people 59% 20% 17%
The Institution of marriage and the family 40% 25% 29%

White adults, older adults, and Republicans are more pessimistic about the institution of marriage and the family.

Pessimistic Optimistic Neither
All adults 40% 25% 29%
White 43 25 29
Black 30 29 29
Hispanic 34 29 31
Asian 40 26 30
Ages 18-29 32 23 37
30-49 38 25 32
50-64 41 28 25
65+ 48 26 23
Rep/Lean Rep 56 20 21
Dem/Lean Dem 25 32 36

About half of adults say fewer children being raised by two married parents will have a negative impact on the U.S. in the future.

Negative Positive Neither
Fewer children being raised by 2 married parents 49 11 39
More couples living together without being married 29 15 55
People getting married later in life 9 34 57

About 52% of Republicans and 23% of Democrats say fewer people getting married will have a negative impact on the future of the country.

By the close, Beyonce’s 56 show Renaissance World Tour will have generated $4.5 billion for the American economy, about as much as the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. [NYT 10/1/23]

The novelist Larry McMurtry (“The Last Picture Show”) died in 2021 at age 84, spent every morning writing. He averaged five to ten pages a day, every day, his entire life. [NYT 10/1/23]

The following was created by Gerry Kauvar.


May I have a student on loan?
To help me to maintain my home?
No need to study — free beer and Molly.
No requirement to study by golly.

Your sororities and fraternities
Will provide many candidacies.
Your athletic teams may as well,
But no liberal arts kids are to ring my bell.

My requirements are very modest,
Don’t send anyone who is too honest.
They’ll mingle with wing nuts and vaccine deniers,
Writers of commercials and other liars.

Pay no attention to diversity,
Or the ranking of their university.
I’ll show them America can’t be bested,
And bail them out if they’re arrested.