Odds and Ends

What is an anagram? A word, phrase, or name formed by rearranging the letters of another, such as “cinema” from “iceman.”

The Eyes, when you rearrange the letters, becomes THEY SEE

George Bush – He BUGS GORE

The Morse Code, when you rearrange the letters, becomes HERE COME DOTS

Dormitory – DIRTY ROOM

Slot Machines – CASH LOST IN ME

If one minority is degraded, we are all affected, for we all belong to some minority. [Albert Lasker July 1942 – Thanks to Joel Jankowsky]

In 2024 will see the running of the 150th Kentucky Derby making it the longest held sporting event in U.S. history.

The following was created by Gerry Kauvar.

Vivek Ramaswamy
Never fails to alarm me.
More than either Trump or Biden
Who are both over-ripened.
More than even Nikki Haley,
Who seems to become less relevant daily.
More than blowhard Ron DeSantis,
A predator, a braying mantis.
Or Mike Pence slow of speed
And perpetually weak-kneed.
Luckily, we’re spared Pompeo,
A narcissistic hot potato.
And we’re well rid of Glenn Youngkin,
Whose hasty actions have quickly sunk him.
Surely there’s no vaccination remedy,
For the candidacy of Robert Kennedy.

Though the whole field has become quite swampy
The most dangerous to elect is Ramaswamy.

Americans have made wagering on sports a lucrative business-every
Pitch or play or kick or shot. Casino gambling is profitable to the
Owners though not to most punters. Animals and vehicles race.
Lotteries about the American dream.

Let’s cash in. How about we focus on political futures: so and so will
Win the race, so and so will be indicted, found guilty or innocent, jailed
Or pardoned, will or will not serve a full term, and so on. We could
Makes odds on Supreme Court decisions too.

We could also make book on where the next pandemic will originate
Or mass killing will take place. Lots of action in both. Train derailments
Too and rocket launches, drug trials, police shootings/police shot.

Seems like a money maker unless it’s run by the government.