Odds and Ends

What is an ANAGRAM – a word, phrase or name formed by rearranging the letters of another, such as “cinema” from “iceman.”

Astronomer: when you rearrange the letters – MOON STARER
Presbyterian: when you rearrange the letters – BEST IN PRAYER
Desperation: when you rearrange the letters – A ROPE ENDS IT

According to the composer and saxophonist Wayne Shorter, who died recently at age 89, his longtime jazz quartet operated for close to 20 years without ever holding a rehearsal. [NYT 3/4/23]

WW set out to find a definition of “woke”. It is hard to do. The inability to define “woke” is a feature, not a bug. “Woke” is very much meant to be a word that that cannot be pinned to a definition. Its emptiness is what gives it so much power as a propaganda term. “Woke” is both everything and nothing. It can mean whatever you need it to mean, and you can deny that it means what it obviously means. [Salon 3/16/23]

The Idaho Senate on Monday passed a bill with a veto-proof majority that would restore firing squads as backup execution method when lethal injection is unavailable or becomes unconstitutional. The move is an about face in a state where firing squads were a legal but unused execution methods for nearly 30 years before the ban was instituted in 2009.

These actions are driven by factors like drug shortages, lawsuits, and botched executions. [WP 3/21/23]

From 1966 to 2019, 77% of mass shooters purchased at least one of the weapons used in the shootings legally. [Axios PM 3/28/23]

Using geolocation data near golf courses in the United States, a new study from Stanford found there were 278 percent more people playing golf at 4 p.m. on a Wednesday in August 2022 than in August 2019. [NYT 3/26/23]

Just 69.1% of domestic U.S. flights departed on time in December 2022.
That’s down from 75.2% year over year and from 78.6% in December 2019 based on data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

Just 57.3% of Southwest’s December flights departed on time, compared to 77.2% on Delta Airlines, 72.5% for American Airlines, and 70.7% for United airlines. Only 45.6% of Southwest flights out of Denver left on time in December. [Axios What’s Next 3/23/23]

In the 130 years since it opened in 1889, the Eiffel Tower has been repainted 19 times.

Nearly 1 in 3 patients who received medical care between 2016 and 2022 did not see a primary care doctor. [Axios.com 3/15/23]

The following were created by Gerry Kauvar.

Climate doomers
Baby boomers
Banking rumors
Possible tumors
More than four humors
Oligarchs’ schooners
Children groomers
Foreign ballooners
Political buffooners
Frantic consumers
Drinking sooner

A statement by Marjorie Taylor makes sense.
A statement by Kevin McCarthy is grammatically correct.
A statement by Donald Trump (senior or junior) is rational.
A financial report says that Elon Musk has delivered on every promise.
An admission by Joe Biden that he isn’t as sharp as he used to be.
Elvis lives.
I am not a robot.
Nancy Pelosi considered for Nobel Peace Prize.
Nationals, Commanders, Wizards, and Capitals are title contenders.
Prevagen is not a placebo.
Tucker Carlson, Historian
Custer was just visiting the Bighorn.
German’s aim in the Ardennes Forest was to gather firewood to ward off the cold.
The Confederate and Union armies were picnicking at Antietam.
The Greeks won the battle of Thermopylae.
Joshua was entertaining the Canaanites with a concert at Jericho.
Less was whistling Dixie after his victory at Gettysburg.
The Russians lost the Battle of Hastings to the charge of the light brigade which bravely overcame a lot of casualties.