Odds and Ends

Americans retire, on average, by their early to mid-60s yet many now remain vibrant into their mid-80s.

34% of adults in their 80s and 27% of those in their 70s, say they are very happy compared with 18% in their 50s.

51% of adults in their 70s say they are optimistic about their futures, compared with 44% in their 60s. [Mike Allen 1/30/23]

If you watch a fair amount of TV, it is inevitable that you will hear many interviewees starting their answers saying, “that’s a great question.” And do you sometimes wonder what is so great about that question?

WW (Mike) often has that question and so WW decided to find out what it actually means. Here is what WW found when it googled that phrase.

“It’s a small compliment to the interviewer, and it indicates that you care about providing an insightful answer, so you need a second to think through your response.”

Working from home saved workers around the world an average of 72 minutes of commute time every day in 2021 and 2022. [Axios Market 1/24/23]

The 40-hour work week became the norm in the United States following the Great Depression; the government saw it as a way to address an unemployment crisis by spreading work among more people. During the Industrial Revolution, it wasn’t uncommon for employees to work six days, for 70 hours or more.

Representative Mark Takano (D-CA) proposed a bill that would reduce all standard workweeks to 32 hours, requiring overtime pay for anyone working beyond that.

A number of U.S. companies have tested the four-day workweek model. A major trial of the four-day model has been tested in Britain, Scotland, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. There are a number of different structures on the table. [WP 6/7/22 and CNBC 12/9/22]

During February, the busiest month, the Manhattan restaurant One if Land Two I by Sea plays host to up to 10 marriage proposals per week, often with multiple proposals per night. [NYT 2/5/23]

Last year, about 20% of the nation’s unsheltered population – about 50,000 people – lived in Los Angeles County. This is according to Point-in-Time Count, the annual U.S. tally of those who live on the street or in homeless shelters. [NYT 2/5/23]

Democrats have launched the “Congressional Dads Caucus”. The group will advocate for issues such as affordable childcare, paid family leave and expansion of the Child Tax Credit.

There is already a group called the “Mom Congress” which was organized many years ago. It has regularly supported things like the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and the Shine for Autumn Act.

The following were created by Gerry Kauvar.

How To Retire
Everybody’s got to make a name.
By writing a book when they leave the game.
There’s a standard way to make your claim.
Recount the obstacles you overcome.

Reveal that you’re just a simple sort.
Who was always ready with a clever retort.
Of course, you were not seeking fame,
It’s only that every predecessor was lame.

Don’t forget to settle old scores.
All your detractors were jealous bores.
Thanking God profusely is de rigueur.
All is the quiet life you prefer.

Promise to donate some royalties
To a charity worthy of your pieties.
You won’t lead a life of poverty.
You’ll be talking head on TV.

What’s The Matter?
The Law of the Conservation of matter is that matter cannot be either created or destroyed.
Natter is a different matter,
Created hourly by TV chatters.
From their views I head such a clatter –
That it’s only what matters that’s spattered.
Congress is where what matters is tattered.
Where members are best at anti-matter,
And making members wallets fatter.
Run ye citizens, quickly scatter.

Advice to candidates for political office
Accuse your opponent of being woe,
Use as invective, not as a joke.
Defame your opponent – that lefty bloke,
No one will know you’re really a moak.
Don’t be afraid – you won’t choke
If you just keep on blowing smoke.
Don’t back down, go for broke,
No one will know you’re an empty cloak.
p.s. Deny knowing what “toke” means.

Record Hot Air in DC
DC Recorded 81 yesterday – 2/24/23
Not Josh Hawley’s latest stray
From sanity in his legislative guise.
Nor the number of Santos’ lies.
It’s the number of Fahrenheit degrees
And the IQ of DC wannabes

Whine Not
It’s hard to find an advertisement for a wine that garnered under 90 points. They must be essentially from 90 to 100.
Perhaps we should revise academic scores similarly, or maybe upside down.
A=awful; B=borderline; C=competent; D=decent; F = Forceful
A= amazing; B=beautiful; C = charming; D = definitive; F = fabulous.