Odds and Ends

  • 75% of people in the U.S. never tweet.
  • 72% of Americans help strangers and 42% of us volunteer.
  • 59% of Americans say they picked up a new hobby during the pandemic.


Here is what the Americans would like the government to work on in the coming year, as of December 2022:

  • Economy – 31%
  • Inflation – 30%
  • Immigration – 27%
  • Environnent/climate change– 26%
  • Gun issues – 19%
  • Education/Student debt – 19%
  • Health care reform – 17%
  • Crime/violence 16%

Democrats’ top five issues:
Environment/climate change – 40%; Gun issues – 30%; Economy (general; Inflation – 26%; Education – 25%.

Republicans top five issues:
Immigration – 45%; Inflation – 37%; Economy (general) – 35%; Crime/violence – 23%; Gas prices/oil/energy costs – 22%.

Independents top five issues:
Inflation – 27%; Economy (general) 26%; Unemployment/jobs – 22%; Immigration – 20%; Health care reform – 18%.

[AP/NORC 12/5/22]

The following was created by Gerry Kauvar:

My name is Representative George Soros. Let me introduce myself.

I was born in a log cabin on the Fourth of July. I chopped down a cherry tree and threw a dollar across the Potomac River. I rode my horse to warn folks that the British were coming. I drafted the Declaration of Independence, and freed people from servitude. After discovering electricity in a rainstorm. I invented the cotton gin and developed more than 800 plants.

I have perhaps embellished my musical achievement by claiming that I wrote both the music and lyrics of the Star-Spangled Banner. I know it was one or the other.

I was the masked man known as Lone Ranger. Batman too.

I was the inspiration for “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy.”

Despite what some scholars believe I did not write any plays falsely attributed to Shakespeare. I did, however, let my pal Hemingway use me as his model in the Great Gatsby.