Women Will Get It Done

President Biden has named the second woman in the 157-year history of the Secret Service to head that organization. Biden has selected Kim Cheatle who was on his security detail when he was Vice President.

Cheatle was also the Service’s first woman to serve as the agency’s assistant director of protective operations.

Cheatle, who is retired from the agency, is currently an official with PepsiCo. [WP 8/24/22]

Laurie Leshin is the first woman to lead NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in its 85-year history.

Prior to NASA’s JPL, Leshin spent 8 years as president of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, an influential engineering-focused university in Massachusetts. She is also an experienced NASA hand having had leadership roles at the Goddard Space Flight center. [Science Insider 6/6/22]

Former state Rep. Mary Peltola won the special election for the state’s vacant U.S. House seat, becoming the first Alaska Native ever elected to Congress. [538.com 9/1/22]