Odds and Ends

Alabama tops the AP’s preseason Top 25 college football teams. It is the seventh time the Crimson Tide has been ranked preseason #1 during Nick Saban’s 15 years as head coach. 11 preseason #1 teams went on to finish top-ranked since 1950. The most recent was Alabama in 2017…during Saban’s tenure. [Mike Allen Axios PM 8/15/22]

The percentage of people over the age of 85 is predicted to double to 14 million by 2040 in part because Americans are living longer. In 2050, 84 million elderly people will live in America. Virginia alone is projected to be short 23,000 nurses in the next decade. [From an article by Alexandra Moe in Politico – politico/Alexandra Moe/the Crisis Facing Nursing Homes.]

During the current election cycle (as of August 31) campaigns have already sent 90.5 million texts including some 68 million from Democrats and 23 million from Republicans. [Axios PM 8/31/22]

There are five types of friendship we all need in our life: Close friends, lifelong friends, friends of convenience, work friends, and same-chapter-of-life friends. [NBCTodayShow 8/26/22]