Odds and Ends

Chinese Food, known all over the world, is certainly one of everyone’s most loved cuisines. With an average of over 3.5 million searches per month in the U.S. alone, Chinese is Americans absolute favorite food.

The second most popular food is Mexican with an average of 1.22 million google searches in the USA per month. [Thanks to Rita Braver]

The renowned Austrian conductor Herbert von Karajan was thought to have once said a Ferrari 12-cylinder engine achieved “a harmony no maestro could play.” [NYT 7/3/22]

Andy Jassy, who took over from Jeff Bezos as Amazon’s chief executive last year, was paid 6,474 times that of the company’s median employee. His compensation last year was $213 million. [NYT 6/26/22]

Large epidemiological studies have shown that light during sleep – particularly from a TV left on in the bedroom – is a risk factor for obesity. [NYT 7/10/22

In a recent survey by the investment firm TIAA, just 19% of women said they felt they would be able to retire without running out of money. For men that number is 35%. [NYT 7/24/22]

Older Americans are more likely to know their neighbors than younger ones.

All Most Only some None
Ages 18-29 2 20 54 23
30-49 4 24 57 15
50-64 5 29 59 7
65+ 6 34 56 4

[PEW 8/15/19]