2024 Election

The following people have indicated or been commonly named as someone thinking about or planning to run for president in 2024. These lists are a result of the mining of a variety of other lists published in the last few months.

For the Republican nomination (A number of the folks on this list have said they will not run if Trump runs again.)

Donald Trump
Ben Sasse – U.S. Senator
Tom Cotton – U.S. Senator
Josh Hawley – U.S. Senator
Rick Scott – U.S. Senator
Ted Cruz – U.S. Senator
Tim Scott – U.S. Senator
Marco Rubio – U.S. Senator
Liz Cheney – U.S. Representative – Wyoming
Kristi Noem – Governor of South Dakota
Larry Hogan – Governor of Maryland
Asa Hutchison – Governor of Arkansas
Greg Abbott – Governor of Texas
Ron DeSantis – Governor of Florida
Mike Pence – Former Vice President
Mike Pompeo – Former Secretary of State
Nikki Haley – Former governor of South Carolina
Chris Christie – Former Governor New Jersey

For the Democrat nomination if Biden does not run

Kamala Harris – Vice President
Pete Buttigieg – Secretary of Transportation
Gina Raimondo – Secretary of Commerce, former Governor of Rhode Island
Elizabeth Warren – U.S. Senator
Amy Klobuchar – U.S Senator
Bernie Sanders – U.S. Senator
Cory Booker – U.S. Senator
Sherrod Brown – U.S. Senator
Michael Bennet – U.S. Senator
Jamie Raskin – U.S. Representative, Maryland
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – U.S. Representative, New York (She will be 35 years of age on October 13, 2024)
Roy Cooper – Governor of North Carolina
Gavin Newsom – Governor of California
Gretchen Whitmer – Governor of Michigan
Andy Besher – Governor of Kentucky
Phil Murphy – Governor of New Jersey
J.B. Pritzker – Governor of Illinois
Stacey Abrams – currently running for Governor of Georgia
Jon Stewart – Comedian
Mitch Landrieu – former Mayor of New Orleans (now working to implement infrastructure bill)
(There are folks who believe that one or more folks will challenge Biden if he decides to run.)