Restaurant: Pines of Rome

Debbie and I went to Pines of Rome with Francine and Mel.

For some 50 years the Pines has operated in the D.C. area. Prior to its current location it was located at 4709 Hampden Lane where it was for 45 years after its opening in 1972. It moved to its current location in October 2017.

The owner, Chef Marco Troiano, derives the menu from the small peasant town in southern Italy where he grew up.

There are 65 items on the menu – Seafood – 12 items, Meat 16 – items, Antipasti – 6 items, Eggplant & Appetizers -7 items, Homemade Pasta – 6 items, Spaghetti – 7 items, Pizza- 4 items, Desserts – 4 items, and Garlic Bread – 1 item.

We created a smorgasbord of dishes which were shared by all.
One large white Pizza with Fontina Cheese, Sausage in tomato sauce, Sauteed Mushroom, Fried Zucchini, Fried Calamari, White Cannellini beans, Tartufo Ice Cream and Rum Cake.

A recent story in a local newspaper about the restaurant says that it seats up to 135 people but when we checked with the folks running the place the answer was that it seats 170.

The restaurant has two floors. An entry level floor which is where we were seated, and a second floor which can only be reached by two sets of stairs.

I did not check out the restroom because it was difficult to reach from where we were seated. To reach it, one would first have to walk up to the second floor and then walk down another set of stairs from the back of the second floor to the restroom.

Pines of Rome
4918 Cordell Ave
Bethesda, MD