Women Will Get It Done

In Lausanne, Switzerland, the first woman was appointed to the job of “night watch” – a position that has been held by a man for over 600 years. The night watch entails crying out the time each hour from the top of the town’s cathedral. [NYT 1/29/22]

For those of you who are regular followers of figure skating in the Olympics undoubtedly noticed that “ladies figure skating” has been renamed as “women’s figure skating” so it matches “men’s figure skating.” [The Broadsheet 2/4/22]

The U.S. women’s national team players settled an equal pay lawsuit with U.S. Soccer for $24 million dollars. $22 million will be disbursed amount the 28 player who brought the suit and $2 million for a charitable fund for women’s and girls’ soccer. [WP 2/22/22]