This and That

“It’s/That’s a great question.” How often do you hear that phrase from someone who is being interviewed on some TV/cable program and when you think about it you don’t think the question is so great?

College campuses are more diverse than they were a few decades ago but there is still a wide racial enrollment gap.

In 2019, 89.9% of recent Asian high school graduates, 66.9% of recent white graduates, and 63.4% of Latino graduates were enrolled in college, compared with 50.7% of Black high school graduates. [Axios AM Deep Dive: 8/21/21]

As of September 16, 2021, 37 Vice Presidents of the United States had cast a total of 276 tie breaking votes in the U.S. Senate. Vice President Harris has cast 8 tie breaking votes so far. This places her eleventh on the list of Vice Presidents who have cast the most tie breaking votes.

The following represent the percentage of decisions in which each U.S. Supreme Court justice voted with the majority. [SCOTUSblog 8/21/21]

Kavanaugh 97%
Roberts 91%
Barrett 91%
Gorsuch 90%
Alito 83%
Thomas 81%
Breyer 76%
Kagan 75%
Sotomayor 69%