Women Will Get It Done

Vice President Harris was the first woman to deliver the keynote address at the U.S. Naval Academy graduation (2021).

Karine Jean-Pierre is the first openly gay woman and only the second Black woman in history to deliver the White House press briefing. (AP)

For the first time in its 228-year history, the Louvre will be run by a woman, Laurence des Cars. (NYT)

FIGS, a direct-to-consumer medical apparel company, appears to be the first-ever company taken public by female co-founders (Heather Hasson and Trina Spear). (Broadsheet 5/28/21)

Lina Kahn is the youngest-ever chair of the Federal Trade Commission. (NYT 6/20/21)

India Walton, a self-identified socialist, scored an upset victory in Buffalo’s Democratic primary for mayor. Republicans have not fielded a candidate for Mayor and have not won City Hall in Buffalo since the 1960s. If Walton wins the general election in November, she will become the first socialist mayor of a large American city since 1960. [WP 6/23/21] [NBC News 6/23/21]

41 companies on the 67th annual Fortune 500 are led by women CEOs – an all-time high. Of the top 10 companies, No.4 CVS Health, is the highest-ranking business ever run by a female CEO (Karen Lynch). [Axios 6/2/21]

Female lawyers argued less than 10% of companies’ patent appeal cases at the Federal Circuit in the last decade, while government attorneys have achieved near gender parity in the same area. [Temple University’s Beasley School of Law. Appellate Law 360 6/23/21]