This and That

Here are the most trusted brands, worldwide, based on surveys by Morning Consult.

1. Google
2. PayPal
3. Microsoft
4. YouTube
5. Amazon
6. Sony
7. adidas
8. Netflix
9. Visa
10 Samsung
11. Nike
12. Nestle
13. Mastercard
14. Disney
15. Colgate-Palmolive

How much are your sneakers worth?

“Sneaker collecting and trading has been a popular hobby for quite some time, but now there’s a ton of money in it, many people who have been fans of the hobby since the beginning and made it popular to begin with have been driven out.”

The street wear resale market now amounts to $2 billion in North America and $10 billion worldwide.

For example, the latest Air Jordan 1s in Carolina Blue sold at retail for $170. They are available for resale at $300. [Numlock News 4/11/21]

“New Day” on CNN

Alisyn Camarota was one of the hosts of New Day (6 – 9 a.m. EST) from 2014 to April 2021. She was joined in 2018 by John Berman. On April 6, 2021 just before she left the show (she is now on at 2:00 p.m. with Victor Blackwell) Alisyn revealed that she texted John Berman at just after 5:00 a.m. in the morning, to show him what color outfit she would be wearing, so that he could select a “matching” tie.

On April 19th, Brianna Keilar joined John Berman as a host of the show.
Since that date, WW has been keeping track of whether the color of what Keilar is wearing is matched by the primary color or stripe in Berman’s tie.

In the first 25 days of their work together, with the possible exception of 6 days, and including the first 9 days and the 25th day of their work together, the color of Brianna’s outfit has been matched by the stripe or color of John’s tie. On the 25th day, Brianna wore a red dress and John had a large red stripe in his tie.

WW’s efforts to determine whether Berman and Keilar had an arrangement similar to Camarota and Berman were unsuccessful.

81% of Americans text regularly. 97% of adults text weekly. 6 billion text messages are sent each day in the United States. [PEW research]