Approval of the Congress is about where it was before the election.

  Approve Disapprove
Real Clear Pol.12/8/20 18.0% 70.3%
Real Clear Pol.11/10/20 18.0% 70.3%
Real Clear Pol. 10/6/20 19.3% 69.0%

75 congressional elections were decided by 10 percentage points or less. 8 were races for the U.S. Senate and 67 were for the U.S. House. Democrats won 40 of these elections and Republicans won 35.

35 races were decided by fewer than 5 percentage points. 3 were races for the U.S. Senate and 32 races for the House. Democrats won 22 of these elections and Republicans won 13. (14 house races were uncalled as the numbers were calculated.) [Ballotpedia 11/19/20]

If the ultimate membership of the House of Representatives ends up being 222 Democrats and 213 Republicans, it will be the smallest majority in the House since 2001 when Republicans had a similar majority. For the Democrats, it will be its smallest majority since 1893. [Politico/Morning Consult]

The House of Representatives

As of December 14, 2020


  • Democrats 222
  • Republicans 212

Ritchie Torres, the newly elected Democrat from the 15th Congressional District of New York, is the first openly gay, Afro-Latino member of Congress. The DCCC did not support him. [WP 12/1/20]

The Senate

As of December 20, 2020

  • Republicans 52
  • Democrats 46
  • Independents 2

2 GOP seats in Georgia are subject to a special election on January 5th:

  • GOP Senator Kelly Loeffler vs DEM Rev. Raphael Warnock
  • GOP Senator David Purdue vs DEM Jon Ossoff

If Democrats win both of the special elections in Georgia, the Senate would be 50/50 and Democrats would control with Vice President Harris as the tiebreaker.