Restaurant Restrooms

Current conditions have resulted in no recent restaurant visits, only takeout from a number of restaurants about which WW has previously written.

As you will recall one of the things I do when writing about a restaurant is to describe the men’s restroom or increasingly unisex restrooms.

According to the legal scholar Terry Kogan, the first indoor bathrooms that were sex-specific and open to the public appeared in the United States in the mid-1800s. [NYT The Magazine 6/14/20]

The only time WW has written about a ladies’ room was in London many years ago. Our host at dinner dared me to go into the ladies’ room. This was in the days when I had to be in the restroom for some period of time making notes and drawing pictures – before smartphones. One of our hosts, Rita Berman, stood outside the ladies’ room to avoid any ladies entering until I was done.

Recently, Eater Washington DC ( published a list of “interesting” D.C. restrooms. The Eater publication has pictures, but the following is simply the list of restaurants: Queen’s English, Napoli Pasta Bar, The Dupont Circle Hotel, Coconut Club, Brasserie Liberté, Abigail, Bodega Spanish, Toki Underground, Succotash (multiple locations), Dirty Habit, Jaleo, Punjab Grill, The Eastern, Little Pearl, Mi Vida, and Dacha Navy Yard.