Restaurant: Scoma’s

Debbie, Stan and I stopped at Scoma’s for lunch while sightseeing.

The restaurant is on edge of the water. There are boats in whichever direction you look.

There are a variety of eating locations in this restaurant including a traditional bar with high stools, leather booths, tables and chairs. We were seated, at Stan’s request, in a semi-circle area at the end of the restaurant with the water right below. There the furniture was more casual but quite comfortable. There is also an outside eating area weather permitting which it usually does.

Our server was Maria who has worked there for 18 years.

We had a substantial plate of calamari fritte crispy squid with lemon and oregano tarter & cocktail sauce for the table. Debbie selected steamed manila clams – clam juice, garlic, onions, red chili flakes and white wine, butter.

Stan and I each ordered a bowl of Scoma’s clam chowder Boston white. This may have been the best clam chowder I’ve ever eaten. I also ordered grilled calamari ladolemono whole calamari filled with spinach, ricotta, garlic, lemon, olive oil.

I look forward to a more fulsome dinner at a future time.

It is hard to calculate just how many people the restaurant will hold and the folks I asked were a bit confusing. Suggestions ranged up to 300 which seemed a bit excessive.

As you enter the restroom, straight ahead there is a curtain covering a wall-hanging washbasin and a wall-hanging urinal with a partial wall between them. Just past the urinal there is another partial wall with a door that encloses a floor based white ceramic commode. There is also a baby changing shelf that pulls down from the wall. Topping the commode are rolls of extra toilet paper. The floor is covered with small white tiles and the walls with large whitish tiles. There are appropriate accessibility bars in this area.

1954 Al Scoma Way
San Francisco, CA 94133
Fisherman’s Wharf