53 days until the election

As the election grows closer, attitudes toward both the Republican and Democratic political parties are identical. 43% of registered voters have negative views of both political parties. 32% have positive views toward the two parties.

45% of Americans are concerned that if Democrats get control of the Congress they will go too far in obstructing Donald Trump and nothing will get done. 46% believe that if Republicans continue to control the Congress it will not be independent enough from the President to provide a “check and balance” on him.

45% of Americans will be more bothered by a Republican candidate for Congress who supports Trump’s policies while 47% will be more bothered by a Democratic candidate for Congress who supports Nancy Pelosi’s policies.

1% of folks say they don’t know Donald Trump’s name, while 10% say they don’t know Nancy Pelosi’s name.

As an aside on name recognition, 10% say they do not know the name LeBron James while 22% say they do not know Mitch McConnell, 25% do not know Elizabeth Warren, 23% don’t know Robert Mueller and only 14% don’t know Rudy Giuliani. [NBC/WSJ, 8/22/18]