Restaurant: Passion Fish

Debbie and I have eaten dinner three times at Passion Fish. The first visit was with Florence and Peter, the second with Gail and the third with Peter and Florence and Bonnie and Lou.

The second visit did not diminish our positive feelings after the first visit and the third visit continued the positive pattern.

As you enter the restaurant the greeter stand is to the left and ahead there is an L-shaped padded banquette and bench where guests can wait if their table is not ready. Just past that bench there is a tall table with 8 high seats.

The bar, a very large square with high chairs, is ahead slightly to the left. There are also several tables in the front. You then go down an aisle that takes you past a floor to ceiling glassed-in wine cabinet on the left and the open kitchen on the right.

Weather permitting there is a substantial outside dining area with umbrellas.

On our first visit Debbie and Florence had egg rolls and then the Chinese style Smoked lobster with Stir Fried Vegetables, Crispy spinach, Ginger-Garlic Soy Glaze.

Peter started with egg rolls with seafood and Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes. I opened with the Crab & Corn smoked Chowder followed by the Whole Crispy Flounder with Spicy Tamarind Chilli Nam Pla, Cucumber Sunomono Salad.

On our second visit Debbie and Gail had the Crab & Corn Chowder as well as the Soft Shell Crab Rolls and the Firecracker, which includes Tempura Shrimp, Spicy Crab, Seaweed Salad and Dynamite Tobiko Crunch.

I had the Char-Grilled Baby Octopus, Harissa Hummus, Smoked Tomato Chutney, Roasted Chickpeas and Blackend Mahi Mahi.

On our third visit Peter started with the shrimp egg roll followed for the second time by the Jumbo Lump crab cakes. Florence opened with fried oysters followed by the crab cakes.

Bonnie had oysters and the Sushi Tuna Roll. Lou had crab and corn chowder and the Jumbo Lump crab cakes.

Debbie had corn chowder and the Firecracker again. I had grilled oysters and Grilled Arctic Char and sweet potato fries.

The service was excellent on all three visits.

The restroom is fairly new and well maintained. There are two commode rooms. One is larger than the other to accommodate those with special needs. There is a single wall handling urinal with partial walls on each side but open at the front.

As you enter there is a large white counter that houses two sunken washbasins with a tall split mirror above the washbasin counter. The floor is made up of very long tile-like pieces.

Above and to the sides of the washbasin counter, the walls have a series of strips of striated wood like tiles. Inside the commode rooms there are very large tile-like walls to waist height. Above waist height the walls are painted in a yellowish color.

Passion Fish
7187 Woodmont Avenue
Bethesda, Maryland 20814